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Plumbers For All Barbican Plumbing Problems
Barbican Plumbing is the place where you can find plumbers which knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to sorting out Barbican’s plumbing problems. Our plumbers are familiar with Barbican Plumbing and they can sort out all the plumbing related issues in Barbican, from simple plumbing works like damaged washers in the kitchen / bathroom taps or blocked drainages, to changing water heater elements or replacing the faulty water heater. We also offer full bathroom refurbishment services at competitive prices.

Kitchen plumbing

Sinks, drains & taps

Whether you want to change your kitchen tap, or to fix that driping tap from your kitchen, or want to install a dishwasher, or for all your kitchen plumbing needs don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Bathroom Plumbing

Whether you have a blocked sink or want a brand new bathroom installed, Barbican Plumbing will take care of it.

We offer a comprehensive bathroom plumbing service throughout the Barbican area,

We offer high quality A to Z bathroom services from shower plumbing, toilet plumbing, bathroom sink plumbing, tiling, underfloor heating and much more ( depending on the permission you receive from the estate ).

Just call us today for a free quote.
Combi Boiler - Central Heating

If your gas boiler needs servicing, or you want to replace your combi boiler or you just require landlord's gas safety certificates, then look no further than Barbican Plumbing.

We highly recommend that your gas or combi boilers to get serviced once a year in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and to keep your hot water and central heating working efficiently.

Boiler annually servicing consists in carefully inspection of all boiler components, ensuring there are no gas leaks, and finally to receive a report from the gas and central heating engineer that your boiler is risk free to use.

Barbican Plumbing

Servicing or Replacement

Water heaters are one of the most common Barbican problems.

Because most of the water heaters are very old, here are some of the common problems which may occur quite often:

- No hot water
- Rust colored water
- Low rumbling or popping noise
- Inadequate hot water
- Rotten egg odor
- Water leaking around base of heater

If you have any of these problems with your heater, or any other problems which are not listed here, please do not hesitate to call us today for a quick and free estimate.

Also if you want to replace your water heater, we can provide you with a free estimate, for the full water heater replacement including any additional works connected with this.

We have completed many successfully water heaters replacement and we are familiar with the complexity of these works. Dismantling part of the kitchen and refit it after the new water heater was installed and tested is inevitable on some of the Barbican Estates flats, so if you leave in one of these flats, look no further than Barbican Plumbing, because we know exactly what we are doing.
Water Heaters



Absolutely superb job undertaken. An extremely skilled, intelligent tradesman, always punctual, friendly, respectful and an excellent communicator with regard to the particulars of the job in question. Very competitive quote and no additional hidden costs despite the replacement being particularly more complicated and time consuming than first anticipated. Was also willing to undertake a few smaller plumbing jobs that were required at very little cost. Overall was delighted with the exceptional service tendered, will not hesitate to call for future jobs i need done and would give them my highest possible recommendation

Jane Golden Lane Estates
Ioan have been quick to respond and quoted me a very competitive price. He turned up to all the appointments on time and was very determined to solve the job even when we hit a few problems. This meant several follow up visits until the job was successfully complete - all at no extra cost. I would highly recommend Ioan for all your plumbing and electrical jobs as I have never met a more friendly, competent and sincere tradesman. I will definitely call him again when I need to replace my boiler next year. I trust he will do a great job. Top marks all round!

Rebecca - Speed House
Ioan and his team have installed the ceiling lights on my flat. He also, fixed the dripping tap. He is a professional tradesman and finished the job in time. I will not hesitate to use his services next time.

Chris - Thomas More House
Ioan replaced the water heater in my flat. The work was very complicated, because half of the kitchen had to be dismantled in order to access the old heater. I am very pleased with his work, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a professional plumber in Barbican area.

Maria - Willoughby House
I have replaced the water heater few months ago. Despite the job being particularly more complicated than first anticipated Ioan finished the job on time and at no extra cost...

Paul - Defoe House
The waste system on the kitchen and bathroom was wrongly fitted by another plumber. I have find Ioan on Barbican Talk website. The job was done professionally at a competitive price.

Steven - Gilbert House
The water heater did not work properly. Ioan asked me about the fuse box, ( which I never knew I have one in my flat ) and after checking everything carefully, the element needed to be replaced. I must say that I was extremely satisfied with the work. I will definitely call him again and I have no problem to recommend him as a very good plumber which is familiar with barbican flats.

Stuart - Crescent House
A leak on my flat fixed quickly by Ioan. Punctual and well organized. Very happy with him.

Richard - Cromwell Tower
The water heater stopped working, and I called a “well known plumber” who told me that the heater needs replacing because it's very old. I wanted to double check that, and I found Ioan's number on Barbican Talk website. He checked my water heater and quickly discovered that the heater was alright, but a fuse in the main fuse box, needed to be replaced. He did it, and the heater is working fine, with no problems since then.

Abigail - Shakespeare Tower
Excellent service from two hard-working chaps. very pleasant.

Very reliable and punctual, helpful and tidy worker. Would definately recommend him.

Also, to make sure that we are giving to our customers the best possible satisfaction for the works we are doing, we are offering 2 Years Satisfaction Guaranteed for any kind of work we have performed in your property.
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